Danny and the Shuffle Dawgs

Although Danny makes out he is a rough diamond, nothing could be further from the truth; his artistry has many finely cut facets. Whether it be Country, Folk, R&B, Rock 'n Roll or Blues you can count on Danny to dazzle and captivate you with his unique take on any genre at hand.

In this space we will periodically feature unreleased recordings by Danny. The tapes may be demos, live tracks, studio recordings in progress or gems from the vault, but one thing they will all have in common is their unburnished honesty and musicial integrity.

First up is an unmastered track from Danny's new project; Danny Mack and the Shuffle Dawgs, Live at Artsound. Made up of some of the finest Blues musicians in Australia, the Dawgs lay down the inimitable Mack groove with soul and conviction. "Scars" is a memorable track written by Donnie Downchild. Little known here is Australia, Donnie's band, the Downchild Blues Band are big in North America and are reputed to be the inspiration for the Blues Brothers. Enjoy!

The next bonus track is close to Danny's heart. He conceived this arrangement of Muddy Water's "I Got My Brand On You", as an evocation of his initial exposure to the Blues. You can almost hear the ghost of Water's as he hits the clubs of late '50's Chicago with his electric guitar in tow. It may be a Water's classic but Mack and crew make it their own.

The current line up of the Shuffle Dawgs is Leo Joseph (keys), Dave Blanken (guitar), David "Bucky" Buckmaster (bass), Mitch Preston (drums) and Chris Tominich (harp).