danny mack

Canadian Danny Mack’s well worn cowboy boots have been there and back.  Spend a while in Danny’s boots and it’s both millstones and milestones, but at the end of the journey you know you have experienced a life less ordinary.The Danny Mack experience is just not his music, although he is possibly one of the finest songwriters on the current Country/Blues/Roots scene.

Nor is it his voice, roughened by too many bottles of whisky in the lost decade of his thirties and, on the road to recovery and redemption, the  countless performances in smokey bars, festivals and concert stages ever since.

Nor his band, handpicked not for their obvious virtuosity but for their ability to act as a conduit from Danny’s soul to his audience’s heart.

Finally, it’s not just about Danny’s captivating recounting of his life. He is neither a folklorist nor a raconteur. Both would suggest a burnishing of the truth.

The Danny Mack experience is an amalgam of the man, his music, his memories and his musings. The truth has never been so entertaining.